Education Hill Learning Center is really a wonderful place. My 19-month-old son Ruben has going here for two months now and he has being happy everyday! He just loves Ms. Janet and he wants to go there even in the weekends. Ms. Janet always keeps the center clean, provides the kids with very healthy food and a lot of toys, and teaches them various things. We are very confident about letting Ruben go there.

- Yongqi

As a first time mother, I had a tough year taking care of my strong-willed son. It got worse when my son started daycare at a franchised daycare center. The teachers there didn't know how to deal with his behavior issues and he became withdrawn and had frequent meltdowns.

But once Janet took my 2-year-old son into her class, his behavior improved within days! He also started to use his words to get what he wanted instead of throwing tantrums. I couldn't believe it! Janet patiently taught my speech-delayed son how to express his needs. She would find ways of teaching him things when the generic way would not work. My son has a great connection with Janet. He is always excited to come and play with her. Janet carefully custom-designs curriculum for each child in her class and loves interacting with them. It takes a special gift to teach little ones to love learning, to socialize, to respect and care for others and to obey with a happy heart.

In addition to being a great teacher, Janet has been a wonderful help to parents. She enjoys sharing early education tips with parents. I have also found great friends through parties she organized at her home for the parents.

- Yao Pu

My daughter has been going to Miss Janet's Education Hill Learning Center, Since its beginning in Jan 2011. She loves to go to Miss Janet's every morning. I have several reasons to recommend Education Hill Learning Center.

Janet is a very caring and affectionate woman. She takes care of each kid as her own child.

She has clear lesson plans and goals for each child specific to their age. She strives hard to achieve the individual kids' goals.

Her Passion for art and music makes it fun for kids to learn.

Her Chinese back-ground gives the children a unique opportunity to learn Chinese language and culture. Young kids who learn multiple languages will do better in school in future.

I am so lucky to have Janet as my child's teacher and I am peaceful once I drop her every morning in Miss Janet's hands.

- Srilakshmi Parvathaneni

Janet has passion on taking care of children, she takes care of Ariel as her own daughter.

Ariel loves to go to Janet's class everyday, with all the songs and lessons she learned from Janet. She is always happy, healthy and clean everyday when I pick up her from the center.

I am so glad and feel safe we have Janet taking care of our daughter while we are working.

- Wendy Yang

Ms Tang is amazing. I knew her for a long time. She loves kids and enjoys what she’s doing. She is such a good teacher. She not only takes good care of the kids, but also knows how to teach. She knows how to motivate kids’ interest and guide them on the right track. She was my daughter’s teacher in preschool two years ago. At the beginning of school, my daughter was very shy and did not talk for long time, because she did not understand English. Luckily, Ms Tang helps her a lot. Ms Tang tries different ways to encourage my daughter and gave her confidence. I really appreciate Ms Tang.

- Chen Yi

I first called Ms. Janet from Georigia, we were planning to move to Redmond and looking for an afterschool care program for Robin, my son, was my first priority. After the short conversation over the phone, I decided to put it a visit. I finaly decided to let Robin have after school care at Ms. Janet's place after our first visit, which turned out a wise decision. there is a simple but challenging bar for me to evaluate the quality of daycare centers - whether the kids are happy and comfortable? I can see happy kids every day when I pick up Robin. Only a relaxing and well structrued enviroment can facilitate quality education. Ms. Janet have been able to offer that the kids in her daycare center.

- Jiao Ming

Our three-year-old daughter has been in Education Hill Learning Center for one year. We are amazed by the improvements our girl achieved during the past year. At beginning, our girl could be a headache to any care-giver. She cried like crazy every morning we dropped her, she refused to eat by herself, she was very shy and became nervous with unfamiliar people. Ms. Janet treated our daughter with great patience, just like a mother handling her own child. Gradually, we realized our daughter was changed. She started to enjoy going to Ms. Janet’s daycare, she learned to feed herself, she was no longer afraid of strangers, and, she even got diaper trained by Ms. Janet! Every evening when we picked her up, she liked to tell us stories happened in the daycare, such as learning new songs, playing her favorite games, making new friends, etc. From her stories, we believe Ms. Janet is doing a great job. I recommend Ms. Janet and her daycare to all my friends.

- Guangyu & Hui

My daughter has been attending Education hill learning center since 2011. She enjoys everyday and makes good friends there. I think three things make Education hill learning center a special place for young children. First, teachers teach different and appropriate materials to kids based on their ages and abilities. For example, my daughter is good at learning new words and counting numbers. The teachers realized that and taught her a lot of words. By the age of 3, my daughter can read about 80 Chinese words, and can count 1-20 in English, Chinese and Spanish. Second, they encourage students to explore different cultures and learn different languages. Third, unlike some other daycare owners, the owner Janet doesn't treat the daycare as a "business". She also cooks meals and feed the kids with healthy materials, like organic milk, all-nature/range-free meat, and low-sugar snacks.

- Ming Ma